Sunday, July 30, 2017

Yankee Homecoming Ride - 27 miles

Had a wonderful ride with Judy and Debbie today from Ferry Park, West Newbury to State Street, Newburyport. We took in the Yankee Homecoming festivities in Newburyport, perused the classic cars and the art show on Bartlett Mall, then Jogged off down the Clipper City Rail Trail, past some interesting sculptures, to Haley's Ice Cream for some sustenance. We returned to Ferry Park via Maudslay State Park, and a loop around the Lower Artichoke Reservoir. By the time we got to Coffin Street to wend our way back along the river, we were all pretty sore and tired - a very fulfilling day. ~ Tony

Photos by Debbie
Judy and me at Bartlett Mall

On the Clipper City Rail Trail

On the Clipper City Rail Trail

On the Clipper City Rail Trail - one of the sculptures along the way

of course, it's the one we paused at, because it's a HORSE! - photo by Judy

Total Gain: 1202 ft; Max Grade: 10%
Weather: 81°F, sunny
Terrain: rolling
Distance: 27.41mi
Speed: (avg) 10.96 mph; (max) 35.7 mph;
Average Cadence: 68 rpm

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