Sunday, June 29, 2014

Little-Old-Lady Rides Again

(by Tony) Same course as yesterday, but odometer registered .05mi less -- must be riding straighter lines. Cadence, (avg 65rpm,) definitely needs work!

Weather: 90°F, mostly sunny, still, a bit more humid
Terrain: rolling, some shade
Distance: 6.3mi
Speed: (avg) 11.9mph; (max) 34.6mph;
Avg Cadence: 65rpm

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Bearded Little-Old-Lady on his Bicycle

(by Tony) Struck off with greater confidence today. Both legs felt pretty good, though hills are still a challenge, and I still find myself, at times, pedaling in squares, and hitting the chainstay with my affected foot. Did remember how to reset my cyclocomputer, so I did get some stats today:

Weather: 88°F, mostly clear, no wind, dry
Terrain: Rolling, some shade
Distance: 6.4mi
Speed: 11.5mph (I know - little-old-lady pace - but it's what I can do.)

A BEARDED little-old-lady on his bicycle

Sunday, June 22, 2014

First Post-Stroke Bike Ride

Got my bicycle out of mothballs for the first time since my stroke last July.  Short hilly ride -- 6 mi -- no stats; didn't remember how to reset my cyclocomputer. Bike performed  flawlessly, (once I put the chain back on,) and my body seemed to do what it was supposed to. My post-stroke balance problems did not seem to affect my riding much, although I did wobble some under 4mph, and I was not as precise on my lines at any speed. Took it easy, and felt pretty good, for the most part. My left-side weakness manifested itself mainly in difficulty maintaining a cadence above 88 rpm without losing rhythm, and a tendency to toe out with my left foot, such that my left heel frequently hit the chainstay. All in all though, I'm pretty happy with this ride, and feel encouraged for the future.