Thursday, July 20, 2017

Arlington Pond Loop Fail

After a couple of more successful shorter rides and another successful completion of the Hooker Farm Road loop, I felt ready to attempt the longer Arlington Pond loop. I felt good for most of the first half, but weakened thereafter. By the time I got to Shore Drive, where I usually fly, I was struggling: legs felt weak and tired; arms neck and shoulders ached. I decided to abort, and go home via a shorter, flatter return. Very disturbing, because I did hydrate and fuel up appropriately. When I got home I felt a little dizzy as I was bringing my bike into the house. Checked my vitals. O₂ sat was OK, but BP was 90/48! It took almost an hour for my diastolic to hit 60, (normal threshold.) I have a doctor appointment Thursday; will be discussing this with him. ~ Tony

Total Elevation: 658 ft. Max Grade: 7%

Weather: 94°F, hazy
Terrain: flat to rolling
Distance: 16.15 mi
Speed: (avg) 10.74mph; (max) 40.4mph;
Average Cadence: 68 rpm

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