Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Long-Delayed Pictures

In creating Galleries for my new blog, I've finally uploaded some pics I should have uploaded a couple of years ago:

Hope you enjoy them, and, please, feel free to browse the rest of our

Monday, May 6, 2013

After Work: Hooker Farm Loop with Judy

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9.5mi, 13.4mph, Rolling, 68°F, sunny, Wind Southeast 7mph.
As short local rides go, this is a pretty one, and, while the climbs are still a chore for this big boy, the long, flowing downhill from Providence Hill, past Hooker Farm, to the shores of Captain's Pond is an absolute delight!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Plum Island

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12.9mi, 13.2mph, Mostly flat, 58°F, sunny, Sea breeze 6-12mph.

Worked in Newburyport this morning, so I loaded up the bike and accessories, and had a lovely ride after work from the Visitors' Center to Plum Island Refuge, Hellcat Marsh, and back.  Stubborn headwind going out, but, for once, the wind didn't shift when I got to Hellcat Marsh, so I had a lovely tailwind coming back.  Plum Island Turnpike and Refuge were beautiful, as usual. Got to use my Geezer Card for free access to the Refuge:

Saturday, May 4, 2013

To the Bike Shop and Back

Judy and I both worked today, but I had only a half-day, so I rode out to our Bike Shop, Cycles Etc, and bought a new patch kit and glue-less patches.  I have learned from experience that these should be replaced yearly, lest one finds oneself with a flat and all the glue dried up.  Of course, we always carry a spare tube as well.  That should also be inspected regularly and replaced if there's any hint of dry rot.

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13.6mi, 12.6mph, Rolling, 60°F, sunny, East wind 10-15mph.
Traffic was a bit heavy, but drivers were courteous.