Friday, July 21, 2017

Recovery Ride

Today I wore my heart monitor and did a short recovery ride over our North Street-Atkinson Street-Broadway loop. It starts with a fairly demanding Hill, followed by a refreshing descent leading to some undulations and finally flattening out for a nice, invigorating run-in. Felt good throughout. Kept my usual effort level. HR monitor confirmed that I was just under anaerobic threshold, around 128 bpm, as I thought. I did a good job of keeping it steady on that point, except going up the top of Lake St, where my HR seemed to go crazy, frantically leaping from 136 to 118 and everywhere in between. I'm thinking that the HR monitor was still settling into place at that point, or I went through some RF interference there. Followed up my post-exercise vitals: BP 106/60; O2 sat: 95. Much more encouraging. ~ Tony

Total Gain: 207 ft; Max Grade: 5%
Weather: 85°F, sunny
Terrain: flat to rolling
Distance: 4.7 mi
Speed: (avg) 11.43 mph; (max) 28.55 mph;
Average Cadence: 74 rpm

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