Wednesday, July 26, 2017

First 20-miler This Year - Arlington Pond

After a few short rides this week with Judy and friend, Preston, today I rode solo my first 20 miler this year. Our Arlington pond loop with a jog-off from Shore Drive onto Zion Hill, and again from Bridge Street down to Maple and up Howe, to avoid the deer flies on North Street. I know what you're thinking, "Deer flies! Why don't you just outride them?" Well, North Street is, for me, anyway, a fairly challenging hill, and I can't muster the speed to outrun the deer flies. Anyway, Howe street is a bit longer, and an equally challenging hill, so it works out. Today I felt pretty good for most of the ride, including Zion Hill. I started doing the shuffle after about an hour and a half, but no great discomfort. Howe Street was grueling in bright sunlight with no shade. My legs were getting tired, but I finished well enough, and recovered well enough, with only a momentary drop in post-ride BP. Going for another short ride with Judy this evening. ~ Tony

Total Gain: 895 ft; Max Grade: 9%
Weather: 79°F, sunny
Terrain: rolling
Distance: 19.48 mi
Speed: (avg) 10.55 mph; (max) 43.4 mph;
Average Cadence: 67 rpm

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