Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Shakedown Hike

Took a nice hike this morning at Winnekenni Castle, around the perimeter of Kenoza Lake -- about 3.5 miles, 78°F, Hazy, 1.5 hrs -- that served as shakedown for my new hiking boots.

My previous boots were LL Bean Knife-Edge, a top-quality hiker of the time, (17 years ago.) They were rugged, dependable hikers, but a little narrow for me. I take a 4E width, and the LL Bean hikers only come in D or EE. This past winter I dropped a log and smashed the big toe of my left foot, and the 4E width became a pressing necessity, (excuse the pun.) Finding serious hiking boots in 4E width is not easy. I came across the Propét Cliff Walker hikers, which are available in 3E and 5E width. The price seemed pretty reasonable, and the reviews were pretty positive, so I ordered a pair. Reviewers said they run large, so I ordered a half-size down in 5E. Got them this past week. They are definitely a notch or two below the LL Beans in quality and apparent ruggedness -- The leather is a cheaper, more open-grained leather, and very thin -- but they are wonderfully comfortable, and give decent support.  They performed admirably on this shakedown hike. Longevity remains to be seen.

Anyway, Winnekenni and Kenoza Lake were beautiful...

Winnekenni - Kenoza Lake - 2013
Winnekenni Castle - Kenoza Lake - on the Dudley-Porter Trail

...and my feet were very happy!