Sunday, May 5, 2013

Plum Island

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12.9mi, 13.2mph, Mostly flat, 58°F, sunny, Sea breeze 6-12mph.

Worked in Newburyport this morning, so I loaded up the bike and accessories, and had a lovely ride after work from the Visitors' Center to Plum Island Refuge, Hellcat Marsh, and back.  Stubborn headwind going out, but, for once, the wind didn't shift when I got to Hellcat Marsh, so I had a lovely tailwind coming back.  Plum Island Turnpike and Refuge were beautiful, as usual. Got to use my Geezer Card for free access to the Refuge:


  1. I think I would enjoy the headwind if I had the choice between that or those horrible green flies that we endured that day I did this ride with you. Looking forward to our rides this summer. I better hurry up and get my bike tuned up!