Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Winnekenni - Exploring Ruins

Well, it was a quiet summer for us; spent the spring and early summer cutting and stacking firewood, and just couldn't seem to get away the rest of the summer. Here it is, October, now, and we are on vacation. I have acquired some new gear, which I may review later, and took it for a shakedown hike at Winnekenni Park. This time we hiked a section that we had never done before, between Kenoza Lake and Plug Pond, which included exploring some interesting ruins along the way.

Exploring the ruins of the Birchbrow Estate see Gallery
Judy has researched the history and origins of these ruins, and here is what she writes:
"These ruins were once the Sander's Estate more here.  I didn't know it at the time, but we were wandering through the foot print of the 33 room mansion.  What a feeling to be walking through lives that came before, and though there have been events that overlay history like layers of wall paper, the original spirit of the land comes though. How I enjoyed that hike.  It reminded my of my childhood with my cousins, and the adventures we had through the woods and along the lake, pond and streams near our homes.  I was 10 years old again with my team of explorers... "
cistern ruins see Gallery

Our hike started in the dirt parking lot on the right of the Castle Road. We took the trail at the south end of the lot, an easy walk to Plug Pond and along its shores. We went straight up to the Plug Pond parking lot and took a trail on the left, uphill, but still easy. It's on a loop at the top of this hill that we discovered the ruins. We explored the ruins for a while, and took some pictures before heading downhill towards the lake. When we reached the Castle Trail, we took a right and headed down to the lake shore, where we turned left on Dudley Porter Trail. We walked along the shore until we reached the clearing across from the Basin. We went left across the clearing, and were back at the car.

see Gallery
Another nice and interesting walk at Winnekenni Park.

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