Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's Amazing

It's amazing. I just couldn't seem to get motivated yesterday. By the time I got going and made several trips back into the house for forgotten items I had to settle for a short ride -- the 10 mile Hooker Farm loop. I pedaled off with the enthusiasm of someone following doctor's orders. They say that aerobic exercise is not only good for your physical health, but also can improve your mood. The headwind on North Broadway laughed and scoffed. I surprised myself and rose to the challenge. I pedaled on, ENJOYING the wind. THIS is what it's all about - not just the exercise, but being out in the open air, enjoying this picturesque ride, enjoying the undulating terrain, up as well as down, and, yes, enjoying the wind. By the time I pressed over the last hill and enjoyed the final descent, I felt like a new man. "It's amazing," I thought to myself, "What a blessing that I can even do this!"

Weather: 72°F, partly cloudy, moderate humidity, Wind SW 7-15mph
Terrain: rolling
Distance: 10mi
Speed: (avg) 12.2mph; (max) 34.4mph;
Avg Cadence: 74rpm

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