Sunday, July 6, 2014

Short Ride with Judy

Rode the short ride via Crystal and Broadway with Judy today. She let me set the pace, pretty much the same as it has been, but today, don't know if it was from battling the wind, but I got home tired. Up until now my rides had left me feeling refreshed, and I had enjoyed marginal improvement in my ability to sustain an anaerobic effort, and noticeable improvement in recovery rate since my coronary artery stent surgery last July. Today I found I was having to abbreviate my anaerobic bursts, and taking much longer to recover -- more like before my surgery. We'll see what develops in upcoming rides...

Weather: 82°F, sunny, wind: W 20-30mph, moderate humidity
Terrain: rolling, some shade
Distance: 6.3mi
Speed: (avg) 11.8mph; (max) 34mph;
Avg Cadence: 69rpm 

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